Bronze or Bronze resin

495 x 495 x 90mm

Limited Edition of 12

This limited edition of twelve wall mounted bronze sculptures is inspired by a fascinating natural phenomenon. In a maelstrom, hidden forces are in play in an alluring dance choreographed by the power of Mother Nature. The calmness at the smooth outer edge, morphs into a flurry of spiral waves, threatening to crash in on themselves before being drawn into the central vortex. The zen-like stillness of the circular inside and outside edges is in a fine balance with the dramatic twist that joins them together.

The first three casts in this series demonstrate a few of the various finishes as well as overall materials available.  Pictured first is a foundry bronze cast with a pale green patina with hints of blue and black, shimmering with the phosphorescence of the sea.

This is followed by two very contrasting versions in bronze resin with fibreglass. The first is in a bright brushed bronze without a patina and a further resin cast with an aged and weathered patina dominated by brown and black hues with occasional green highlights. All three editions have been finished with wax.

Each sculpture measures 495mm in diameter and is 90mm deep. The mounting plate allows for the piece to be suspended at a distance of between 20mm and 40mm from the wall, creating the illusion that it is floating.

It is possible to cast further editions with other patinas, however foundry bronze offers a wider range of effects than bronze resin.

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