Bronze resin
610 x 610 x 95 mm

Limited edition of 12



Sheer delight coupled with some magical visuals of the Halitrephes Maasi, a rare jellyfish of the deep sea, spurred me on to create this limited edition handmade sculpture in its honour.

The Halitrephes Maasi, a dazzling creature nicknamed the firework jellyfish, was first discovered off the Baja California Peninsula at a depth of over 4000 ft. Given that so few people will get to see this incandescent wonder, I wanted to pay homage to it, albeit in abstracted form.

I have cast the wall-mounted sculpture in bronze resin with fibreglass and finished it with a patina with an array of black and brown hues and subtle hints of pale green. As a contrast to the dark body of the piece, I have then gilded the recessed details with Italian copper leaf before protecting the whole piece with a wax finish.

This sculpture is an edition of 12 and further copies can be commissioned in either foundry bronze or bronze resin and finished in copper, gold or silver leaf.

The piece measures 610mm in diameter with a depth of 95mm. The mounting plate allows for the sculpture to be suspended at a distance of between 20 and 40mm from the wall, thus creating the illusion that it is floating in harmony with sky, earth and sea.

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