Genie sculptural floating wooden shelf
Genie sculptural floating wooden shelf
Genie sculptural floating wooden shelf
Designer, artist, furniture maker and sculptor


American Ash
1200 x 660 x 190 mm



If you’re looking to conjure up something special for displaying your favourite ornament, Genie will be more than happy to grant you this wish. As if from nowhere a smoke-like wisp appears and transforms itself into an elegant, slender shelf. The piece is laminated with Ash veneers before being skilfully hand carved to define its overall form. It is accented further by carving into the two faces to give a sense of swirling smoke. The form settles into a gently curved upper surface, and the carved detail underneath it also remains constant along its horizontal length.  Genie can be seen as functional art when used as a floating shelf or displayed in its purest form as a sculpture. The length can be customised from 800 to 1200mm. It comes with adjustable concealed fittings for either brick or plasterboard walls and they suspend the shelf, thus creating the illusion that it is “floating”. To place an order or for more details contact me on 0161 928 5647, 07969 115946 or by email.

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