Cold cast marble

550 x 225 x 90 mm

Limited edition of 14



Convergence is a limited edition, wall mounted, abstract sculpture which draws on my recurring theme of movement with sleek flowing lines. It emerged from a series of sketches influenced by the idea of both natural and man-made objects cutting through air or water. Its aerodynamic, layered wings separate from the raised central body before gracefully converging back in on it again in an elegant swept display. I started the project by hard carving the pattern in wood and then moulding the finished piece for the limited edition resin casts. It comes with an adjustable mounting plate so that the piece can sit 10 -20mm off the wall to give the effect that it is floating. Further editions can be cast with the inclusion of subtle coloured veins streaks as shown in the front view. The overall colour can also be adjusted to suit your taste. The changes can be as subtle as the two versions shown here; ivory in the front view and cream in the side angle, or can be something darker on request.

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