Aguaviva side table
Aguaviva high table in situ
Aguaviva sculptural side table
Aguaviva sculptural side table in Jon Landau’s living room


American Walnut
520 x 520 x 540 mm

Limited edition of 12


Aguaviva is the third piece in my Strata series which uses multiple layers to create a sense of movement. It originates from the way the jellyfish (aguaviva in Spanish) flexes its body to propel itself in its marine environment. This range of motion is then broken up into moments in time as if through stop frame photography, which when amalgamated, form half of the overall form. The literal translation of aguaviva is living water which brings together both the themes of movement and flow that I regularly turn to. This piece is made up of a total of 93 pieces of solid wood which are carefully jointed together to produce this dynamic sculptural side table. This design can be tailored to various sizes to suit your needs, whether as a high table, coffee table or dining table as well as being available in different timbers.

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