Podcast – my path as a designer, hosted by NaturalsCool

Keith Struthers, an accomplished sculptural architect, recently approached me to discuss my journey as a furniture designer maker.

Keith not only creates beautiful buildings, but also runs courses in Cape Town, which inspire architects and designers to help further their creative practice.

“David’s journey as a furniture designer is as dynamic and unexpected as his limited edition creations” – Keith Struthers.

Click the image below to hear the podcast.

We covered a lot of ground; from how it all started in Barcelona, some technical woodworking issues to more spiritual aspects such as the place of “zen” during the process and the finished piece.

“My transition into asymmetrical work runs in parallel with my development as a person. “

We also talk about the inspiration behind a number of my pieces, in particular the Strata Series. I explain how I find it fascinating to introduce a sense of movement into a static object and also stepping out of one’s comfort zone in order to move forward as a designer.

I hope you enjoy the discussion!

A big thank-you to both Keith Struthers and Shannon Flynn at NaturalsCool for their invitation and contributions – the whole process has been a great opportunity to gain perspective on my work and help to raise some new questions for the future. The journey continues…..