Sidewinder sculptural coffee table
Sidewinder sculptural coffee table

Sidewinder I

American Walnut
1350 x 750 x 435 mm

Limited edition of 10


This sculptural coffee table was inspired by the flowing, undulating movement of a sidewinder snake and was the second piece in the Strata Series which fuses geometry and patterns in nature. The handmade, limited edition contemporary piece was designed to draw the eyes in and take them on a journey through the ever changing forms. It visits one of the recurring themes I turn to, that of balance, both in the vertical plane, but also in the structure of each layer in the horizontal plane. The sheer weight of the glass top creates a counterbalancing effect ensuring that it is both a functional and decorative piece.

It features 25 layers and is created with a total of 125 pieces of solid wood, all carefully jointed together to create one flowing form. Three Perspex discs have been bonded to the 10mm thick toughened glass top and they sit in recessed sockets in the wood to prevent any lateral movement. The design can also be made as a dining table as well as in other sizes and timbers. If you’d like to tailor the design to suit your needs whether as a coffee table or a dining table then feel free to enquire. Pictured here in Walnut, it can also be made in other timbers upon request. For further information please contact me on 0161 928 5647 or by email.


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