Beating Wings sculptural coffee table
Beating Wings handmade sculptural coffee table
Beating Wings handmade sculptural coffee table
Limited edition sculptural furniture

Beating Wings

American Cherry with 10mm toughened glass top
1380 x 755 x 390 mm

Limited edition of 8


Beating Wings, marked my conscious move into a more sculptural line of work, fusing geometry with organic forms. The idea was inspired by the beating of a dragonfly’s wings and the shape comes from breaking down the phases of motion during the wing cycle. It takes the concept of capturing these moments in time, as if through stop frame photography, and adding them all together to create one unified flowing form. This limited edition coffee table was the first piece in the  Strata series, which is based on using multiple layers to create a sense of movement and the handmade table conjures up different images with every angle it’s viewed from.  Just under one hundred pieces of solid timber are carefully jointed together to create this collectable piece.

This piece had me excited and tense in equal amounts over the weeks that the first piece was made. It was a complex exercise in making but the results were very rewarding. The design can also be made as a dining table as well as in other sizes and timbers. For further information please contact me on 0161 928 5647 or by email.

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